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"Reformation is the best punishment" How far do you agree ?

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked Crime & Punishment: ?Reformation is the best punishment? (12m) Some religions believe that reformation is the best kind of punishment because it uses reparation which is putting the criminal back into society. Some Christians believe that reformation is the best punishment because it teaches the criminal what to do right instead of getting rid of the problem, Christians believe this because Jesus always taught to forgive therefore they believe it is important to forgive and teach the criminal what is morally right. Christians also believe that every person commits sin because of the original sin and moral sin as it is in human nature, therefore we shouldn?t be punished for are mistakes we should be able to learn from them, Christians ...read more.


If it brings a benefit to oneself I is not a good one if it causes physical or mental harm to another being? this shows that any punishment which harms the criminal is wrong, therefore reformation is the best kind of punishment. Other religions believe that reformation is not the best kind of punishment because there needs to be a stronger punishment e.g. the death penalty in order for criminals to not to commit crime as reformation does not act as a deterrent. Some Christians believe that reformation is not always the best punishment this is because when Adam and Eve committed a sin in the garden of Eden they were not reformed they were banished, this shows we should use a different punishment on criminals other than reformation. ...read more.


Some Jews believe that reformation is not always the best punishment as they believe in ?an eye for an eye?. Some Atheist?s believe that reformation is a good punishment in certain circumstances, but there should be other options of punishment like the death penalty in order to offer protection to society if the criminal cannot be reformed. I believe that reformation is the best kind of punishment because if someone resorts to crime and becomes a criminal they have not been brought up right of have gone through a difficult time in their life, also everyone makes mistakes and we have to learn from them so we should give them the chance to be reformed. In conclusion I think It depends on the crime committed, but reformation is the best punishment that you can give a criminal. ...read more.

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